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Pediatric Seminar November 29

06 November 2023

Enhance Your Pediatric Care Skills with this Expert Seminar on Trauma and Resuscitation in Ottawa on November 29

Join us on Wednesday, November 29 from 09h until 11h30 for a compelling seminar led by Jonathan Lee, an acclaimed Critical Care Paramedic and the founder of KinderMedic. Geared towards a diverse audience of healthcare professionals – paramedics, nurses, physicians, and more – this free seminar promises to elevate your knowledge and skills for managing critical pediatric trauma and resuscitation effectively.

During the session, Mr. Lee will delve into evidence-based concepts and key assessment findings crucial in pediatric resuscitation. Drawing from over 25 years of extensive experience in 911 response, critical care, aeromedical services, and pediatric critical care transport, Jonathan will also share insights on trauma for pediatric patients. These young patients often pose unique challenges, making this seminar a valuable learning opportunity for healthcare providers.

Jonathan’s educational approach aims to boost the confidence and competence of prehospital providers when attending to acutely ill children, and his wealth of teaching experience spans various healthcare disciplines. You will appreciate Jonathan’s ability to encourage and support your practice when it comes to pediatric care.

Registration is required by Sunday, November 26. Class is at the RPPEO Offices, 2475 Don Reid Drive in Ottawa. RPPEO paramedics can earn elective CME credits by attending. Secure your spot by registering here and don't miss this chance to learn from an expert dedicated to advancing pediatric emergency care.

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Pediatric Seminar 2023