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Patch to BHP - VSA Patient , got a ROSC then re-arrested on scene

Question#: 585


ACP crew responds to a patient who is VSA, then got a ROSC and then rearrested and you are still on scene, are they obligated to patch to a BHP after the first analysis if they continue to be in a VTACH/VFIB to be able to continue with defibrillation?


In this scenario, they do not have to patch to continue defibrillation or to receive orders to transport. The maximum number of defibrillations for PCP and ACP are outlined in the ALS PCS. Best practice in this situation is prioritizing rapid transport to hospital where additional treatments are available to optimize potential survival. We do encourage patching to consult with a BHP anytime but this has to be balanced against ensuring more critical interventions are performed like defibrillation, airway management and limiting scene time. Hope this helps.

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21 March 2022



Please reference the MOST RECENT ALS PCS for updates and changes to these directives.