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Pedi Stat App

Question# 732

Just wanting to confirm if the Pedistat app is a recognized resource by the RPPEO i.e. for pt weight, ETT size/depth etc.


The preamble of the ALS PCS states;

"Pediatric medication doses can vary slightly according to the source of expert opinion.
The pediatric medication doses in the ALS PCS are the preferred doses. However,
medication doses as determined by an up-to-date version of a widely accepted RBHP
approved pediatric emergency tape (e.g. Broselow Tape) are an acceptable alternative.
Use of a pediatric emergency tape shall be documented on the ACR when it is used to
determine a pediatric medication dose."

After discussions with the Physician's team, we all agree that pedi STAT can be a valuable tool which may assist paramedics in their care plan for these high acuity, low frequency events. They view this much like the Broselow tape.

If you choose to consult the app, please specify its usage in the remarks section so those further along the circle of care appreciate the source, particularly when it differs slightly from the ALS PCS directives.

Medical Directive Category

Broselow tape


20 September 2023

ALSPCS Version




Please reference the MOST RECENT ALS PCS for updates and changes to these directives.